Existing Businesses

Have you given up trying to expand your business because it would put too much strain on your current day to day operation?

You worked hard to get where you are.  Now, it’s time to partner with someone who can help you do the heavy lifting and grow your business.

If you were awarded a large contract today, which of these would be your greatest challenge(s)?  

  1. Would you have the manpower to accomplish the tasks?
  2. Would you have the funding?
  3. Do you have policies in place for:
    1. Employee orientation
    2. personnel management
    3. drug/alcohol program
    4. Safety
  4. Do you have the facilities and equipment
  5. Will this contract negatively affect the way you accomplish other contracts you already have in place?
  6. What is your back up plan?
    1. Staffing
    2. Facilities
    3. etc.
  7. Does your current insurance cover the additional equipment or facilities you need?

If you can answer “Yes” to all these questions, then congratulations!  You are among the few companies who are prepared for growth.  

Rock on!

If you can’t answer “Yes” and you want to grow, or if you can answer “Yes” and want to continue growing, then maybe it’s time to connect with Aviation Divas.  We can help you get things in order, so you don’t have to turn down jobs.  In fact, once we get you “Ready for Success” then we’ll work with you to get into the largest buying network in the world – Government Contracting.

We can be your “Virtual Business Office Team”  so that you can run the day to day operations of your company, until and if you choose to tell your staff.

At Aviation Divas, we get it. That is why we use our expertise and experience in personnel management and policies, government contracting and many other areas to help you devote your resources to what you do best.

Our expertise ecompasses a wide variety of skills and training: Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Writing, Web Development, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Business Plan Development and review, Government Contracting, Drug/Alcohol Program Administration and that is just the beginning.

Our industry experience spans: Aviation, Manufacturing, Medical, Finance, Education, and Government Contracting.


Thinking about a starting a business? Everyone tells you the first thing you need is a business plan, but how do you go about writing one? We can take the information about your business (or potential business) and make it into a concrete strategy you can take to the bank (literally).

We’ll walk you through all parts of the plan: from creating a solid mission statement to developing a marketing plan (yes, that’s an important part of your business plan). We’ll use your unique knowledge of your business along with our writing skills and accounting knowledge to develop a plan that will be useful for years to come.


Sales do not just happen – they are achieved through proper planning and implementation. Without sales, your company fails. Let us help you develop a Marketing Plan and Strategy to reach the right customers for your products or service. Do you need a full-time employee, a contract employee or would an independent manufacturer’s Rep be best for your business?  We can even  screen potential candidates to make it easier for you.  



Do you have a great idea that just needs to be put to paper (or on-line)? If so, we can help. We’ve worked successfully with clients to develop intriguing, insightful and informative e-books. Whether you have the kernel of an idea, or you’ve spent time researching, we can help transform your ideas into reality. Clients can choose either a hands-on approach with information sharing, or simply leave the research, writing and editing to us.

When you partner with us, it becomes a true partnership. We offer full-service contract administration or ala-carte services, if you just need help from time to time.

Contact us today, to see how we can become the partner you need, so you can keep providing services to your customers.  When everyone is doing what they do best, business just goes better.