Does your company meet the minimum requirements for approval?


80% of the proposals submitted to the US Goverment do not meet the minimum solicitation proposal requirements and will not even be considered for the award. Do you meet those requirements?


The government has the duty to enter into contracts with an offeror whose proposal is fair and reasonable to the government as well as to the offerer.


Is Your Business a Least Risk Offeror?


To determine if the Government can accept your price they established in the solicitation minimum credibility requirements. These are usually credibility Requirements:


Past Performance

Has your company, JV, or Team successfully performed five contracts of the same type and $size as the solicitation?


Key Personnel

Do you have the personnel that have the experience in performing the types and $size of contracts in the solicitation?


Financially Ready to Perform the Contract
Do you have the financial resources (either cash in hand or credit) to perform your contract? The Government can’t give you seed money to get started!
For Construction Companies this means you’ll need to provide bonding to begin your contract.


If your contract requires you to work on a Government facility or site, the Government may require your Company, JV or Team have a good safety record. This is determined by minimal claims against your workers compensation policy.